Our company is historically specialized in the internal finishing of smooth-bore shotgun barrels. In these last years we have developed the concept of “Balistica Super-Velox AB” (super-fast ballistics), implemented through the production of barrels, internal and external chokes, cartridge reduction sheaths, cartridges, cases and components for cartridges.

Work, inventiveness and respect for tradition combined with research, continuous updating, technological improvement and state-of-the-art machining processes are the foundations on which our company has built its image.

Our company yesterday and today – Half a century of history


The company Bentivoglio Alessandro & C. S.n.c was established during the fifties thanks to the skilful work of its founder Paolo Bentivoglio (1914 – 1990): after learning the gun barrel making trade at the renowned firearms manufacturer Bernardelli of the pre-war period and making the most of an inborn talent and of a strong will to improve quality and ballistic performance, in the following two decades he becomes one of the most valued barrel making craftmen in the firearms industry.

This wealth of experience is passed down to his son Alessandro who, in 1975, takes up this valuable inheritance carrying on his father Paolo’s work and setting up the current family business.

Today, under the leadership of Alessandro Bentivoglio, the company steps into the third millenium, rich in a history of more than half a century and at the same time ready to face the demanding challenge of the global market, thanks to the continuous refinement of its machining processes and the constant search for innovative solutions.

The quality without compromises started by Paolo Bentivoglio more than half a century ago is still the secret weapon of the success of our company worldwide.